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Glasgow School Of Art

Sigma Surveys was approached by Sir Robert McAlpine (SRM) to tender for the precise monitoring project for the demolition and construction of a new building at the Glasgow School of Art.

The specification – written by Arup – requested that prisms, ground studs and BRE sockets were to be installed in specific locations around the perimeter of the site. Our surveyors are IPAF trained enabling us to hire a boom lift (MEWP) and install the prisms above ground level safely with ease.







The tolerance for accuracy within the specification was +/-0.5mm, therefore we used our Trimble s8 (0.5s) total station to survey the prisms and ground studs and our Trimble DiNi (+/-0.3mm) digital level to survey the BRE sockets.  Both surveying instruments produced results within the tolerance that had been requested.  The monitoring was requested over a 46 week period, initially once a week increasing to 6 days a week through the main construction period.  The contract eventually lasted for over a year with a final set of readings at 6 month intervals for a further 12 months.





Sigma Surveys were also asked to monitor various piles around the site using Geokon Inclinometer equipment.

Using a probe to a depth of 20m, we could accurately monitor movement deep within the pile and display on a graph any movement from day to day readings.